Benefits of Personalized Medicine and Healthcare

4 Benefits of Having Personalized Medicine

No one person is the same, nor are their bodies the same, nor do they react the same to viruses, infections, illnesses, and diseases. Scientists are beginning to realize this, and because of that, they are developing personalized medicine and healthcare which is being rolled out across the globe. The traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach will no longer do. Personalized [or precision] medication is allowing doctors to provide better disease prevention, more efficient and effective treatments, more accurate diagnosis, and perhaps most importantly, it allows doctors to prescribe safer drug prescriptions. There are a considerable number of people who experience allergic reactions or negative reactions to prescription medication. With precision medication, this is no longer a problem.

This article will hope to tell you the four main benefits of having personalized medicine and healthcare treatment. At the moment, personalized medicine is only available in private clinics, and it can cost quite a lot of money, but notwithstanding the cost, can be of great benefit. Tailored and precision medicine and healthcare offers you better chances of recovery from disease and illness and offers you a better and brighter future.

Here are the four benefits of having personalized medicine and healthcare.


1. Prescribe More Effective Drugs

The first on our list, and the most beneficial, is the prescription of more effective drugs. Clinics that offer precision and personalized medicine run a compounding pharmacy, which is the name for a pharmacy that creates drugs from scratch. Because your medication is created from scratch, scientists and pharmacists can tailor the medication to you. The dosage and strength are both created with you in mind. It should be no surprise that by having your medicine created especially for you that it will be more effective. We, as humans, are not all the same [as mentioned previously], and therefore, we react differently to medication. Medication that is created for everyone can never be as beneficial as medication that is created entirely for you.


2. Safety

Medication that is created entirely for you is far safer than medication created in fixed dosages for public usage. The reason being, precision medicine will be tested thoroughly, and your reactions recorded. This means that if a bad reaction is registered, they can quickly change the drug, or lower the dosage. Safety is one of the most important and prominent benefits of bespoke and precision medication. The safety offered is completely unrivaled in the healthcare industry, and it is one of the reasons why precision medication is being advocated for from all corners of the healthcare industry. When precision medication is more widely available, we will see less toxic and adverse reactions to chemicals and drugs and less addiction.


3. Eliminate Trial-and-Error Treatment

It is often the case, as many people will already know, that doctors prescribe medication on a kind of hit-or-miss basis. If the medication works, wonderful, your treatment continues. If not, they try another medication on you in the hope that that will work. Personalized medication massively reduces the time and cost of clinical trials, which benefits the doctors and healthcare providers themselves. Clinical trials can cost an absolute fortune and can be a drain on the healthcare industry as a whole. Precision medication ensures that the number of tests required is significantly reduced and that you will be able to get the most effective medication as soon as you need it, rather than having to try several different drugs to gauge which one benefits you the most. Precision medication takes the guesswork out of healthcare and ensures you can get better without taking a cocktail of medication.


4. Reaction to Prevention

Leading on from our previously mentioned point, the focus in healthcare can shift from reaction to prevention. Rather than worrying about hit-and-miss trials and trial-and-error prescriptions, doctors and healthcare providers can worry about prevention, rather than your reaction to a drug. This enables your doctor to provide a better healthcare experience and focus on bringing you back to health, rather than worrying about your reaction to drugs. This is perhaps one of the most evident benefits of precision medicines. Too much time is spent worrying about patients’ reactions to drugs, and not enough time on preventing adverse reactions or preventing illness.

With precision medicine available, it ensures our healthcare industry will be able to run a lot more fluidly, and a lot better. Precision medicine is going to completely change the healthcare industry for the better, and it is about time.

With the help of this page, you should now know what the four most obvious benefits of precision and personalized medicine are. Personalized medicine is the future, and more and more healthcare centers, public and private, are beginning to realize this. Hopefully, in years to come, everybody will have access to personalized medicine.



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