Why Should You Opt for Virtual Urgent Care and Primary Care Services?

Why Should You Opt for Virtual Urgent Care and Primary Care Services?

With rising medical insurance costs and frustrating premiums, people in the US are looking for an alternative solution. And that’s where care plans like virtual urgent care and virtual primary care turn out to be more affordable with personalized care experience. This article will explain the cost-related benefits of both virtual urgent care and virtual primary care services and how LitonMD stands out.

What makes urgent care and virtual primary care different?

Both urgent care and virtual primary care services prove to be more affordable than health insurance costs. Virtual doctors can treat many conditions ranging from pains to colds and fevers, as well as manage chronic health conditions. Especially in the case of virtual urgent care visits, providers can refer patients to direct visits as well, if needed. Furthermore, both these care plans involve no insurance, deductibles, or co-pays. Thus, patients can get timely treatment from the comfort of their homes without making any direct clinical visits.

Although urgent care and primary care delivered through virtual consultation are becoming popular, many people are still nervous to consult their clinicians online. Instead of going through the tedious process of direct clinical visits, the patients can engage with care providers via phone calls, messaging, and video consultations. Both patients and providers can save money and time without any waiting room hassles.

As there is no additional hidden cost, you will be fully aware of what you’re paying upfront. Hence, you can easily plan for your health while planning for your health expenses.

How do urgent care and virtual primary care work at LitonMD?

At LitonMD, virtual consultation is accompanied by a free prescription delivery to ensure a complete healthcare experience for LitonMD members to fulfill their unique requirements.

With LitonMD’s urgent care plan, patients will have to pay only $150 per visit with one free medication per month. They can also enjoy 50% off on the initial visit. This pay-per-visit model is more affordable than health insurance costs which charge $456 per person on average.

Similarly, LitonMD’s virtual concierge care plan offers $75/person, $99/couple, and $149/family which involves unlimited visits. The families can get up to 5 free medications per month. Again, this service is more affordable than health insurance cost which charges $1,152 per family on average.

As mentioned already, both these care plans do not involve any additional hidden charges.

How LitonMD works

Once the patient signs up for LitonMD, they can choose the service (urgent care or virtual primary care). Once they select the service, our care coordinator will connect you with the appropriate clinician according to your unique condition. Consult virtually with the clinician and get the prescription medications delivered on the same day for free.

Furthermore, LitonMD saves your time by avoiding unnecessary direct clinic visits and pharmacy visits. Patients do not have to get frustrated by waiting for appointment availability, filing paperwork, and spending very little face time with their clinicians. Providers can spend more time with their patients in addressing their unique needs and educating them without making any rush.

Having these care plans in place can reduce health risks and avoid unwanted hospitalizations or ER visits. Thus, LitonMD reduces health insurance costs as well as avoids high premiums.

Final Thoughts

With LitonMD’s Urgent Care and Virtual Concierge Care, things couldn’t be so easier. Patients can work seamlessly with our care plans without involving any middlemen like insurers. LitonMD has got you covered 24/7 starting from virtual consultation to free medication delivery right at your doorsteps. To experience complete healthcare at your convenience and lead a happier life, sign up for LitonMD.

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