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How Technology is Disrupting Traditional Pharmacy

The rapid development and adoption of technology and its related innovations have dramatically shifted how most people perceive and interact with the world on a large scale and in their day-to-day lives. With new technologies emerging seemingly every day, the way in which we live is in almost constant flux.

While this is most apparent in technology-driven spheres such as remote work, social interaction, and so on, you would be hard-pressed to find an aspect of life that hasn’t been affected by technological developments.

The medical field is no exception. From streamlined logistics to enhanced research methods, modern medicine has been pushed forward at record a pace thanks to the innovations brought about by technology. Creations like robotic surgery instruments may attract the most attention and glory, but the less glamorous areas of medicine have also evolved with technology.

The pharmaceutical industry is a perfect example of a traditional field that has been disrupted by the progress of technology.

The Convenience of Connectivity

The traditional method of receiving necessary medications is anything but convenient. It often involves visiting a doctor to be diagnosed and prescribed the proper medications, going to the pharmacy to have the prescription filled, and potentially returning at a later time to actually pick up the prescription. It’s a prolonged and often convoluted process that has been widely accepted as the norm for years.

With the technologies that are now available, this process is also outdated and avoidable!

Services like LitonRx, an online Rx pharmacy, are disrupting traditional pharmacies by revolutionizing how prescriptions are filled and delivered. By using technology to communicate directly with the doctor and patient, the length of time between diagnosis and delivery of medications can be significantly reduced.

Your prescription fulfillment will be initialized immediately upon word from your doctor. You can then connect with a pharmacist remotely to better understand your treatment plan, your insurance, and more. Once you’ve received your consultation, your prescription will be delivered for free on the same day. That means you can stay in the comfort of your home, avoid running around town between your doctor and pharmacist, and receive your prescription without delays, frustration, or inconvenience.

Cost Savings

Thanks to the evolution of software as a service (SaaS) and the way in which it both improves communication and expedites traditional processes; significant costs can be cut as well. In fact, the possible cost savings can now be analyzed automatically to find the best deals for the end consumer—you!

With more technological innovations on the horizon, there is no doubt that traditional pharmacy will continue to be disrupted. While adaptation may take time, the continuance of technological progression in the pharmaceutical realm will undoubtedly see patients benefit.

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